Why are you HERE?


The earth is filled with people disconnected from their work, disconnected from their purpose. Everyone asks "why am I here?", but few ever find the answer.

The New Rules Project changes the narrative. We have constructed a systematic approach to human purpose development and those who complete the Institute will emerge with a profound answer to this question.  

Our initiative helps men and women discover who they are and what they are made of. Together we develop a plan of action to use their passions, skills and abilities to do meaningful work in the earth. Our students will be fully deployed to continue their mission and achieve their dreams. 

Graduates will no longer ask "why am I here?". They will know who they are, what they were made to do and exactly where to start. They will be ready to write New Rules. 

what we do

  1. We help you discover your purpose, this is your fuel.

  2. We help you discover your skillset and apply it in whatever space you find yourself.

  3. We show you how to leverage your strengths and weaknesses to begin to do your meaningful work.

how we deliver


Everything and Nothing: the meaning of purpose

Know your way: deep dive into unpacking your strengths

Emotional IEDs: learning the art of emotional awareness and navigation


Life blueprint: detailed plan of action

Personal development: learning skills applicable to your everyday life

Creating Work: how to create opportunities in the 21st century


90 Days: outlining of next steps

Shark Tank: learning to pitch an idea, and work within team dynamics

I am very grateful for Adrian and the New Rules staff. They are truly committed to helping their students dig deep to unearth your strengths, and figure out how to best compensate for those areas where improvement is needed. If you take advantage of what they are providing, you will not be the same afterwards! You will no longer be confused about your gifts and how you can use them to bring glory to God, which is a great thing. This is the real deal!! Don’t expect to be coddled here. You’ve got to bring your “A” game. But it is so worth it!
— Jackie B

New Rules helped me navigate my passions and personality to help me find what I was really meant to do. I thank the New Rules team for all their hard work and time thoroughly thinking through how to help all of my classmates and I succeed in writing new rules within all of our lives. I look forward to seeing the accomplishments made and lives changed down the road by my fellow alumni and all future participants of the New Rules Program.
— Ali H


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